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Send personalized, 30-second videos to interact with and thank customers/donors via text and email instantly. Build trust, and make more sales through personalized communication.

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Genuine Engagement

Videoup makes it easier to engage on a personal level. When customers receive your Videoup they get to see and hear a human talking to THEM! No robots here.

Personalized Messages

Nearly half (49%) of consumers say they will likely become repeat buyers after a personalized shopping experience.  

Actionable Insights

Sending a personalized message isn’t enough, you need to be able to leverage the conversation to actionable next steps for your business. Videoup has you covered with analytics to help you deepen your customer relationship.

Personalization just got easy!

Recording a Videoup is easy!

We took all the fuss out of video recording and made it easy for you to focus on your customers!

Personalization at your finger tips!

Record and Send from any Device. 📱 🖥️

No need to download or install anything. Record directly from your browser on desktop or mobile. Whether it’s a customer check-in, product announcement, or a heart-felt thank you, Videoup is easy.

Customer Retention

Customers could spend their money anywhere but they choose to spend it with you. Thank them and they'll purchase from you again and again.

Customer Success

Welcome new users personally to ensure they feel welcomed and know their next steps.

Customer Care

Face time matters to your customers. Remind clients you care and retain valuable long-lasting relationships.

🚀 Skyrocket your customer retention

1 in 3 consumers (38%) say they will shop with a brand they’ve had a good experience with again, even if there are cheaper or more convenient options


Record your Videoup


Personalize your call-to-action


Send it via E-mail and SMS


Enjoy the growth!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Videoup?

Videoup is a web-based application (no need to download anything) that lets users record and send personalized, 30-second messages via Email and Text

Why can't I just send a video from my phone to my customer?

You can, but should you?

We provide Quality – high quality messages regardless of device – Did you know when an iPhone user sends a video to an Android user the quality of the video is significantly #pixelated? With Videoup, regardless of the type or version of device, your video is received crystal clear.

We provide Control – We take pride in making sure your messages end up in the the right inbox. You’ll know exactly when customers see/watch/click your message thanks to Videoup’s analytics dashboard.

We provide Security – Do you really want to be using your personal phone number to message all of your customers? We didn’t think so. A secure phone number is provided protecting your privacy and your customers’ trust.

How long are the videos?

We believe 30 seconds is the optimal length for connecting with your customers via video.

Can I upload a generic pre-recorded video?

There area number of tools to help you make generic, pre-recorded videos. We believe in personalized, authentic communication to connect with your customers.  Taking 30 seconds to welcome, thank, congratulate or just a simple hello will dramatically increase your customer loyalty.

How do I know if my customer sees my Videoup?

We have analytics to show you exactly when a customer receives, opens, clicks, and watches your Videoup.

Do you plan on adding more features in the future?

Yes! Would you like to suggest some? Contact us.

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